Wheel of Fortune discussion thread

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Wheel of Fortune discussion thread

Postby Gobi on Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:05 pm

WOF (Wheel of Fortune) is a game to where there are three
contestants (players) and a host named Pat Sajak
in the game Wheel of Fortune each player spins the wheel on ownself's turn or buys a vowel (for $250) on ownself's turn or solves the puzzle on ownself's turn each player must guess letters in the puzzle and solve the puzzle and can win cash, prizes etc. you can look up online more about Wheel of Fortune
if you wish to.

Anyways to all have you ever made up any Wheel of Fortune wedges?

I have but I will only tell you one I made up in this post
and that wedge is
Super Bankrupt

About Super Bankrupt:

Unlike normal Bankrupt which only take Million Dollar Wedge, Half Car pieces, and gotten in round cash and prizes,
Super Bankrupt when flipper stops on Super Bankrupt
takes away all previously won in game prizes and cash
and yes the player also loses his or her turn whose flipper stops on Super Bankrupt wedge.

Will Wheel of Fortune ever have a Super Bankrupt wedge in real life?
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