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Starter s Guide - Forum Admin

Postby mallix on Thu Jul 09, 2009 5:14 pm


The Forum section offers the tools to manage your forums. Whether you want to add new forums, add new categories, change forum descriptions, reorder or rename your forums, this is the place to go.

1.1 Explanation of forum types

In phpBB 3.0, there are three forum types. A forum can be a normal forum where people can post in, a category that contains forums, or it can be a simple link.

In a forum people can post their topics.

The forum list displays a forum link like a normal forum. But instead of linking to a forum, you can point it to a URL of your choice. It can display a hit counter, which shows how many times the link was clicked.

If you want to combine multiple forums or links for a specific topic, you can put them inside a category. The forums will appear below the category title, clearly separated from other categories. Users are not able to post inside categories.

1.2 Subforums

One of the many new features in phpBB 3.0 are subforums. Especially bulletin boards with a high number of forums will benefit from this. In the simple flat category and forum approach in phpBB 2.0, all forums and categories were listed on the forum index. In Olympus you can now put as many forums, links, or categories as you like inside other forums.

If you have a forum about pets for instance, you are able to put subforums for cats, dogs, or guinea pigs inside it without making the parent "Pets" forum a category. In this example, only the "Pets" forum will be listed on the index like a normal forum. Its subforums will appear as simple links below the forum description (unless you disabled this).

*Creating subforums. In this example, the subforums titled "Cats" and "Dogs" belong in the "Pets" parent forum. Pay close attention to the breadcrumbs on the page, located right above the list of the subforums. This tells you exactly where you are in the forums hierarchy.

This system theoretically allows unlimited levels of subforums. You can put as many subforums inside subforums as you like. However, please do not go overboard with this feature. On boards with five to ten forums or less, it is not a good idea to use subforums. Remember, the less forums you have, the more active your forum will appear. You can always add more forums later.

1.1 Manage forums

Here you can add, edit, delete, and reorder the forums, categories, and links.
*This is the legend for the icons on the manage forums page. Each icon allows you to commit a certain action. Pay close attention to which action you click on when managing your forums.

The initial Manage forums page shows you a list of your top level forums and categories. Note, that this is not analogue to the forum index, as categories are not expanded here. If you want to reorder the forums inside a category, you have to open the category first.

**complete source from official phpbb website: Support Team
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